Tish Prouse – Edmonton City Council Candidate for Ward 6

Ward 6 is located North of the North Saskatchewan river. It is the sum of a number of vibrant communities featuring a wealth of nations and a diverse people living in apartments, condos and single-family homes. Ward 6 is frequently host to the general population of Edmonton who travel to the city core to work, go to school and to attend festivals, cultural and sporting events, and their facilities. Ward 6 faces numerous issues including homelessness, increased taxes, infill, bylaw enforcement, historical preservation and transportation changes to and from the downtown core. Communities of Ward 6 include Boyle Street, Central McDougall, Downtown, Glenora, North Glenora, Grovenor, McCauley, McQueen, Oliver, Queen Mary Park, Riverdale, Rossdale and Westmount.

This is Why I am Running

The first question one is always asked on a political campaign trail. I am running because I want a council who demonstrates fiscal restraint and prudence when dealing with tax money. I want a council who solves the homelessness crisis like they promised to do. And, I want a council who stands by the bylaws in place for the development of our city. My family has called Edmonton home for five generations. After traveling abroad for many years and with many opportunities to settle, I decided that Edmonton is one of the best places to live for a host of wonderful reasons. And even though we are a wonderful city we keep experiencing a host of annoying problems that never get addressed by our city council. I want to use my talents and my experiences to confront those issues and resolve them for everyone’s benefit. Homelessness, fiscal restraint, and accountability for actions and decisions are my foci. I hope you not only agree but believe that these issues are the biggest we should be addressing. Explore the site, the issues section, feel free to comment and get in touch with my team and me, join us when we are out in the neighbourhoods meeting the people of Ward 6, and tell your friends, family and colleagues to take a look as well!