Tish Prouse is as unique an Edmontonian as one can find. Born and raised in the city’s southwest, Tish’s family goes back in Edmonton to 1892, with ties to local industry, farming, service, arts, and journalism. Tish attended both the University of Alberta and MacEwan University and went on to study at University College of London, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in archaeology. For several years Tish was a member of the Ancient Merv Project, as well as a supervisor at several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Tish is fluent in a few languages, and has a good working knowledge of a few others, making him an astute conversationalist, communicator, and, most importantly, listener.

More recently, Tish is a small business owner and investor, with time spent with hands-on training in sales, construction, and urban renewal. He has invested in Central Edmonton real estate, revitalizing small, historically-significant properties. The results have helped improve the perception of the immediate neighbourhood among local residents and been the catalyst for surrounding neighbours to improve their property and renew business ventures in the area. His hands-on, hands-dirty leadership is already generating results of positive change for the community.

Tish has also volunteered for many projects and causes, most recently as the president of Eastwood Community League. His energy and enthusiasm for community spaces and places that are used effectively, are safe, and historically respected have brought renewed interest in the community organization, where several societies now regularly use Eastwood as their primary venue. The membership and interest in the community increased under his leadership, while crime made a dramatic decrease thanks to greater community care and interaction. Tish has also volunteered with the provincial museum and the University of Alberta with culturally sensitive material, in London’s inner-city schools and sports initiatives, and at home with church-organised food bank drives and youth programs.

An active musician, Tish has been known to fiddle away with local Celtic and Folk music groups, resonate within the Youth and University Orchestras, and occasionally play his violin and viola out-of-tune in a string quartet. He is an avid lover of outdoor sport, reader of travel and historical topics, and particularly fond of British comedy. Gregarious, approachable, diverse, and respectful, Tish spends as much time with his wife, young son, and cat as possible, enjoying the city’s parks and trail systems on frequent walks and bike rides.

Tish is an excellent candidate for councillor of Ward 6.