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Our city is a great place to live, work, retire, raise a family, grow a business, come and visit, realise life-long dreams, start a career, and end one’s days. My family has been doing this for five generations, when one of my ancestors mined for coal in 1892 underneath what is now the Hotel MacDonald. And, as someone who has worked and travelled for extensive periods of time away from home, I am always eager to return. I am happy in my city.

However, there are issues that persist and are dealt with in a wasteful and ineffective manner. Many of these are problems the city has tried to handle over decades, sometimes failing¬†miserably, other times making great gains. I want real change to our city’s leadership, and I am determined to work towards a council that is accountable and no longer makes excuses.

We need a different mentality in city council. Only by changing the approach to, and the perspective of, problems will we be able to solve the vicissitudes of our city. I believe I not only have the mentality required, but the ability to approach issues from a unique and different perspective. It is this that sets me apart and is what I offer to you as a candidate.