Landlords & Property Ownership

Throughout our riding, there are a number of rental properties that are poorly managed. These properties are often subjects of illegal activity, and draw in to our communities people who would do us harm, people who use the weak laws we have for property ownership and accountability as a shield while they make our areas unstable and unsafe. People often ask me: “What can be done about this problem? Can’t owners be held accountable?”

The simple answer is: YES. We call on governments to make all sorts of regulations for us, in our best interests. We have asked for years for this issue of negligent property ownership to be dealt with, both municipally and provincially, while we have received no support and no answer from those currently in charge. The landlord and tenant act is a provincial document governing its rules, as are land titles. A provincial MLA is very much able to change this situation for our communities. Why hasn’t our current MLA ever done work to change these laws and make our communities safer from slumlords and the criminals who they get as tenants? Why is this not a concern for any other candidates?

I believe it is because they are not knowledgeable about these elements, certainly they have no experience with this element in their portfolios, and a bit scared of challenging their leader. This would mean challenging existing property rights, and reworking those element of our laws that have not really been touched since Alberta became a province. And, it would likely involve crossing with organized crime. It is scary. But, it is something we have all been calling for, and we all absolutely need. Once MLA, I would put legislation forward to change the laws around property accountability in a rental situation so that our communities will have the authority to seize control of problem properties, to prevent slumlords from purchasing more properties, and to ensure that illegal businesses operating inside such homes have far less legal hassles to be challenged and dismantled.