Transportation & Infrastructure

It pains me to state this, but our city is the laughing stock of light rail transit in the country, and the recent announcement only heightens how poorly managed many transportation files are in our municipalities. However, it is our provincial government that keeps funding them, blindly giving money to projects without any further oversight. Take neighbourhood renewal as an example: problems with road construction, grading, quality of materials used, and uncoordinated utilities upgrading make living in our construction-zone of a city an absolute pain, more than it needs to be. Yet, these same contractors are the ones the province uses for its roads, like the Anthony Henday’s rumble-strip concrete sections.

In the coming years, we are going to have a major renewal of all highways and rural roads in our province. Municipalities will be asking for more money to fund their transportation needs, and the province as a whole will be looking at ways to better move goods and people around in an environmentally-friendly and efficient manner. We need to have a government who will verify that our investment of tax dollars is being spent correctly, efficiently, and that the contractors hired are doing a proper job. This lack of accountability is endemic with our governments today. Our current government’s solution to everything is simply hand out money, of which we have precious little at the moment. The other big party wants to cut all sorts of services, meaning we have no hope of having proper funding in place for transportation and infrastructure projects that don’t directly benefit a large oil and gas company.

The Alberta Party will ensure proper accountability for the funds used for infrastructure projects and make sure that our taxes are being used for top-quality construction with measures in place to ensure our investments are protected. I will advocate for an ombudsman to be in place for municipal projects that receive provincial funding and directly be involved in monitoring the plans, so that municipalities are not left up to their own for such decisions. Every funding decision, every tender application, every inspection, and every proof of design will have a provincial voice at the table, to help ensure that disasters like the Edmonton LRT Metro Line do not happen again.